Musical adventure’s in North Norfolk. Deepdale Hygge Festival.

So while all this preparation carries on for The Endless Coastline Tour. There’s still time to play a gig or two.

This weekend I had the pleasure of playing at Deepdale Backpackers and Camping in North Norfolk. Right by the coast in Burnham Deepdale.
A venue you may think as odd for a gig maybe. Well let me tell you in no uncertain terms don’t be fooled.
Jason and Chris who run Deepdale are really a dynamic and energetic duo. Along with a fantastic team they’re trying many different things at the site including live music festivals. With an intimate  and welcoming feel the live music this time was all set up in the barn outside the hostel courtyard where there was a big fire pit and freshly cooked street food available. Add to this the Spring Deepdale Fair packed with local crafts and perfect spring weather it couldn’t have been more perfect a day.

This event was dubbed the ‘Deepdale Hygge’. A Hygge is a Danish/Norwegian word meaning ‘Coziness and togetherness and personal wholeness’ I’ll let wikipedia explain it better here: Anyway the event managed to produce this warm welcoming atmosphere perfectly.

The music was held over two evenings the Friday evening included story telling and a set from Sam Coe & The Long Shadows. Sam sang on a duet on my first album Grounded and is a wonderful modern country singer songwriter and her band are great. She’s just released her first EP have a listen here.

All the music was home grown from East Anglia and really goes to show just how fervent and creative the area is.

Saturday was the main day of full music. Falling From Trees are a fantastic melodic, acoustic act who I’ve gigged with loads of times and I love them. Becca, Leo and Adam are siblings and have that unique way of singing harmonies only siblings have, now joined by the effervescent force of energy Joey on Bass they really are worth catching live if you can. Give them a listen here:

They were followed by Nobodaddy, and if you wonder where the unusual name comes from check out the poem by William Blake. ‘To Nobodaddy’.

Adam and Mike are seasoned and fine songwriters. Adam has a deft way of performing, using the minimum of effort to put across the emotion of each song perfectly. I’m always a little in awe when I see them perform. listen to them here:


I was next up. The temperature was starting to drop a little by then but the beautiful days sun was starting to sink in a clear North Norfolk sky was casting a beautiful light through the barn entrance and the smell of burning wood and the hubbub from the busy courtyard. Making for great atmosphere in the barn. It was great to also briefly catch up with Gin and Mark from Margins. They are supporting me on my walk and provide all you need, should you choose to walk the North Norfolk Coast path that passes right by Deepdale.

I was followed by Marina Florence. Marina and I last met in a folk club/acoustic songwriter night held in a social club on the edge of a football field in the heart of Northamptonshire not the most likely place for a gig. There seems to be a theme here. Marina has won awards for her songwriting including on BBC Radio 2 and very soon into her set its very clear why. Lyrics with humour, heart and soul mixed with a relaxed performing style its hard not to be drawn in. Find out more about Marina here:

The Georgia Shackleton Trio were next up. Georgia is fine Fiddle player and singer joined by Aaren Bennett and Nic Zuppardi on the guitar and mandolin. They were a perfect mix of stomping folk and narrative story telling and incredible musicianship. I’d not seen Georgia before and was blown away. Listen to more here:

I had to head home after Georgia’s set but those who stayed were going to be in for a rocking treat from Little Red Kings. I’ve shared the stage with these guys a couple of times and they never disappoint.

Thanks to Jason and Chris for having me. I look forward to returning on June 2nd on the penultimate day of my charity walk and gig tour.

Theres a music festival in September too. check here for details.

Matt x

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