Just keep on walking…

Just keep on walking….

It’s been a while since my last blog. Many reasons including the proverbial work commitments having to take priority for a while. Nonetheless I haven’t been idle.
The walking continues in earnest but preparation hasn’t been without its inevitable moments of doubt and excitement in equal measures. Learning curves and the hard truths that sometimes had to be faced.

It’s all in the preparation…

So while walking lot’s is certainly the order of the day there is more to it than that. Now while I had a vague idea of what I was letting myself in for having done my fair share of one day long hikes. I’ll admit there was a few moments when the realisation hit me that I’ll be doing that day after day for over 14 days. Much of it with almost 9kg of weight on my back. My trusted Rucksack for many years wasn’t big enough. An oversight on my part and one of a handful of oversights I have encountered.

Much research and advice has been sought and now I’m equipped with the right pack for the job add to that a few items of specialist clothing and other easily overlooked items by a novice. The exciting prospect of having to research and find a hiking stove for example wasn’t one I thought I’d be undertaking and the minutiae of detail needed on the weight of each item, how best it is packed and so on and so forth. There’s a wealth of knowledge and experience to be mined, read and watched on YouTube. Now, YouTube oh how that’s become a wonderful resource and source of inspiration. Including this guy Gabriel and his great video diaries. He’s just one of many inspirational people online sharing their experiences of hiking and travelling: check him out below.


And hey, it’s not meant to be easy, its a challenge after all. Right?

That said it’s all being conquered, figured out and I can assure you, I’ll be safe, warm and dry at night and able to eat. Lessons, have indeed been learned, digested and digested once more just to be safe!!



It’s a journey man…!

And so without wanting to sound too cheesy it’s been a journey preparing for THE Journey. Yeh, I have had moments of doubt and the obligatory “What the hell am I doing?” moments. I’m guessing that’s normal and natural to have these doubts but I’m super excited to get going and that always overrides all that.
Other bonuses have been a massive noticeable improvement in my health and fitness over the last few months a healthy bit of weight loss can’t be of any harm either. 

So with just a few weeks away from starting now I’m definitely feeling healthy mix of anticipation and the urge get out there and cracking on.

We are hoping to also have a final date on June 3rd at a venue in Thornham. you’ll be alerted as soon as this happens.

In the meantime here’s a recap of the dates and where I will be plus I’ve even made a little visual to show the route on a map. Feel free to hum the Indian Jones theme while you watch it. 

Stage 1. Suffolk Coast/Sandlings Walk. Woodbridge to Southwold. May 22nd to May 26th. Approx 54 Miles.

Sunday May 21st Gig at The Angel. Woodbridge with Falling From Trees. Details HERE:

Day 1. Monday 22nd May. Woodbridge to Upper Hollesly Common (Rendelsham Forest)
Day 2. Tuesday 23rd May. Upper Hollesly to Snape.
Day 3. Wednesday May 24th. Snape to Thorpeness.                                                                      Day 4. Thursday May 25th. Thorpness to Dunwich.
Day 5. Friday May 26th. Dunwich to Southwold.

Friday May 26th Gig The MO. Sheringham Museum. Sheringham. with Broken Maps and Yve Mary B. Details HERE:

Stage 2. Norfolk Coast Path. Norfolk. Hopton On Sea to Hunstanton. Approx 84 Miles.

Day 6. Monday 29rd May. Hopton-on-sea to California Sands (approx. 13 miles)  
Day 7. Tuesday 30th May. California Sands to Happisburgh (approx 13 miles)
Day 8. Wednesday 31st May. Happisburgh to Beeston Regis (approx. 15 miles)
Day 9. Thursday 1st. June. Beeston Regis to Stiffkey (approx. 15 miles)

Gig Wells Next The Sea at The Albatros with Anto Morra. Detail HERE:

Day 10. Friday 2nd June. Stiffkey to Burnham Deepdale staying at the campsite there (approx. 15 miles)

Gig Burnham Deepdale Backpackers and Camping. Burnham Deepdale. With Sam Coe. Details HERE.

Day 11.Saturday 3rd June. Burnham Deepdale to Hunstanton (approx. 12 miles) to complete the 84 miles. Gig TBC very soon in Thornham. 

And most importantly the reason I’m doing this. To raise money for three great charities. Please sponsor/make a donation at my Justgiving page by clicking HERE: 


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