So… Here we go!

So. Here we go..! The Walk. Media promotion. Preparation and Playlists.

Time flies when your busy and my has it flown. It seems only a while ago this whole charity walk and gig tour was just an idea, yet here we are and here I am ready to start this coming Monday 22nd May 2017. Firstly though there is Gig number one at The Angel in Woodbridge with my mates and great band Falling From Trees. This Sunday Many 21st. I can’t wait. Hopefully I’ll see some of you there.

Now I’ve been quiet the last few weeks. There is plenty of good reasons though. While training had to take a little back step in favour of some work for a few days in London with ‘Festival Of The Spoken Nerd’ Sound operating on a brilliant show and their live show DVD shoot. If you love a bit of Science and a healthy dose of comedy thrown in. Check them out. I digress…

The Sound Controller with the Nerds..!

The walk has never been far from my mind. With much tinkering and fine tuning going on in the background with such exciting things as insoles, socks and hiking stoves and the minutiae of how best prepare for a long distance hike. The detail you can get sucked into is far too easy to get caught up with trust me.
There has been plenty of distraction elsewhere to keep me from disappearing down this particular rabbit hole however in the shape of a flurry of media spots to attend to promote the Endless Coastline Tour.

All packed and ready for Stage One. Suffolk.
Will this really all fit in my Rucksack…?!

One thing I’ve created is a Spotify “Matt’s walking playlist” I’ll no doubt at time have my iPod on during the walk and i thought I’d share a whopping great playlist of some of my favourite tracks from guilty pleasures to lifelong favourites. Check that out HERE.

I’m never not surprised at the kindness and support from local media for my efforts be it musical or my other endeavours like this current walk.

The last couple of weeks have seen me be interviewed, allowed to select some favourite tracks by other artists and play live on BBC Radio Suffolk. I had a great hour chatting with Graeme McGloughlin. You hear it HERE 2hrs in right after Bruce Springsteen’s Born To Run (Yep my choice) for a limited time on iplayer.

Performing at BBC Radio Suffolk

I also paid a visit to local digital TV channel Mustard TV for an interview with local broadcaster Nick Conrad (Also Nick hosts a show every morning on BBC Norfolk) and then a rather sunny and warm but windswept live performance of ‘Stories From The Sea’ flanked by a backdrop of Norwich Castle also for broadcast. I’m sure the people enjoying their lunchtime break in the sunshine of Castle Gardens had no idea what was going on.



Two further interviews by phone one with East Anglia’s leading free music magazine Grapevine Live. You now read that interview online HERE. 2 hrs 15 mins in. This was followed by a phone interview on Future Radio.

Then just yesterday I popped into BBC Radio Norfolk (Currently overshadowed by a scale replica of the moon..! See pic) to chat with Thordis Fridriksson play a song and remind her this whole idea for the walk started in conversation on air with her earlier this year.
It’s always a great interview with the ever colourful and full of boundlessly enthusiastic Thordis. Again you can listen to that on the player HERE.


So. Here it is then. Time to get walking.

But before I set off on my coastal odyssey I just want to thanks everyone who’s supported me and donated so far. After all that’s the most important bit rain money for these three great charities. Please if you can donate HERE no sum is too small, it all makes a real difference. Thank You.

I have to list everyone and give a humble thank you, so here we go in no particular order…

Thanks to Gin and Mark from Margins for the support they’re giving me on stage two in North Norfolk. Also Chris and Jason at Deepdale Backpackers. Everyone at BBC Radio Norfolk and Suffolk. Sam Day and Richard Penguin at Future Radio. Zoe Jones and the gang at Mustard TV The Eastern Daily Press. Norfolk Magazine. Tony Bell at Grapevine Magazine. Chris Mapey at The Angel in Woodbridge. The Albatros in Wells. Carol and the gang at Sheringham MO Museum. Anto Morra. Sam Coe. Falling From Trees. Yve Mary B. Vicki Johnson for the Endless Coastline logo. Bridgedale socks for all the socks. Cicerone Books for the walking guides. The staff at Go Outdoors Norwich for their help. Sarah at Nelsons Journey. Susan at RNLI and Pauline at Change Of Scene For Children and Animals. And finally but by no means least Claire for having to live with me through all the preparation, frustrations worries and obstacles and supporting me tirelessly while navigated my way through this project.

Phew… I think that’s everyone.

Here also is the full tour itinerary. See you on the trail or maybe at a gig. Matt x

Endless Coastline Tour Details

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