The Vagaband. “Something Wicked This Way Comes’ Album Review

Album Review.

The Vagaband.  “Something Wicked This Way Comes”


The Vagaband are a band/collective based here in my home town of Norwich.

Jose McGill, front man and songwriter and producer of the recordings is a talented son of a gun! I’m here to tell you about a band I greatly admire and their latest release “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

From the opening title track you’re dragged into another world, a world wholly The Vagaband’s.

A place where there’s a distinct smell of Bourbon and Beer, the faint aroma of tobacco smoke drifts past filtering the bright lights of the vaudeville circus and touring fairground, flickering in the background.
The tired dusty curtains of the music hall open to reveal a host of colourful characters that frequent this universe. All with their own tales to spin and give them half a chance they’ll join you at the bar and relay them to you.
Wandering troubadours to Elvis impersonators, Bearded ladies and Circus freaks mix with Spivs selling you a dream while Lipstick smeared maidens (and quite possibly fella’s too) who’d happily kiss you as much as kill you drift by. Hearts are bruised and sleazy nights out are had. It’s a thrilling ride.

I can imagine Tom Waits would love this place and so should you.

The widescreen feel of the songs on this album could soundtrack the best movie your imagination could cook up. Although the songs do this all by themselves.

The instrumentation is wide and varied but still in the realm of the traditional and played with a deft skill and a musicality rarely found these days. Highlights for me include the single ‘An Eye For An Eye’ a duet with local talented songstress Yve Mary B. The track has an almost ‘Americana Portishead’ dreamy vibe to it, languid but never dull or ploddy.

The album from start to finish is a cohesive piece of work ending with the track “Zoetrope” you’re fully enveloped in this “Other world”.

The Vagaband cook up a musical world all of their own, hinting at Americana, Blues and Folk and Rock n’ Roll. They have a timeless feel you’d find hard not to love. I know I do.

The album is released on March 16th.

Grab a copy, pour a drink and lose yourself.

Find out more about the Vagaband here:

Listen to them on Spotify here:

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