The Endless Coastline Tour 2017. Charity walk and gig tour. Dates and Route.

The Endless Coastline Tour 2017. Charity walk and gig tour.

Finally I can share you with you all the route dates and times of the walk and the gigs.

There may be one or two extra gig dates but we are waiting on confirmation for these. I’ll update these as they are confirmed.

Stage 1. Suffolk Coast/Sandlings Walk. Woodbridge to Southwold. May 22nd to May 26th. Approx 54 Miles.

Sunday May 21st Gig at The Angel. Woodbridge with Falling From Trees. Details HERE:

Day 1. Monday 22nd May. Woodbridge to Upper Hollesly Common (Rendelsham Forest)
Day 2. Tuesday 23rd May. Upper Hollesly to Snape.
Day 3. Wednesday May 24th. Snape to Thorpeness.

Gig Aldeburgh. TBC

Day 4. Thursday May 25th. Thorpness to Dunwich.
Day 5. Friday May 26th. Dunwich to Southwold.

Friday May 26th Gig at The MO. Sheringham Museum. Sheringham. with Broken Maps and Yve Mary B. Details HERE:

If you fancy catching Matt at any stage of the walk to walk for a while or just to cheer him on his way! The route can be found online HERE.


Stage 2. Norfolk Coast Path. Norfolk. Hopton On Sea to Hunstanton. Approx 84 Miles.

Day 6. Monday 29rd May. Hopton-on-sea to California Sands (approx. 13 miles)
Day 7. Tuesday 30th May. California Sands to Happisburgh (approx 13 miles)
Day 8. Wednesday 31st May. Happisburgh to Beeston Regis (approx. 15 miles)
Day 9. Thursday 1st. June. Beeston Regis to Stiffkey (approx. 15 miles)

Gig Wells Next The Sea at The Albatros with Anto Morra. Details HERE:

Day 10. Friday 2nd June. Stiffkey to Burnham Deepdale staying at the campsite there (approx. 15 miles)

Gig Burnham Deepdale Backpackers and Camping. Burnham Deepdale with support from TBC.

Day 11.Saturday 3rd June. Burnham Deepdale to Hunstanton (approx. 12 miles) to complete the 84 miles. Gig TBC

If you fancy catching Matt at any part of stage 2 of the walk to walk for a while or just to cheer him along on the route can be found online HERE.


Support the charities and Matt and make a donation here.



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The Endless Coastline Charity walk & gig Tour update. Who I’m fundraising for and who’s been helping!

I thought it was about time I added a further update about my charity walk and whats been happening.

The support has been incredible with the generosity and warmth towards the whole idea really humbling. I wanted to say a thanks and tell you a little about the charities and those who have gone above and beyond so far to support me.

The three charities I’ll be supporting are…


We all know the RNLI and the incredible work they do not only protecting the vast amount of coastal traffic and going out whatever conditions to save lives but also protecting us while we enjoy the beach and its waters across the country. I’m a keen Bodyboarder and the RNLI guards are who’ll i’ll be relying on should I come into difficulty while Surfing.

Its easy to take for granted that this ‘Emergency Service’ is wholly charity funded.

I’ll be walking past several lifeboat stations as I trek along the coastline it just made perfect sense they should be an organisation I wanted to support.

You can read more about the work the RNLI do hear:

Nelsons Journey.

I’d had some contact with this wonderful charity when there was a close family bereavement connected to my step sons. They were amazing in how they helped them deal with something we as adults find hard enough to deal with.

I’ll let them tell you about themselves, they do it far better than I ever could take a look at what they do here:


Change of scene for children.

I met Pauline who tirelessly runs change of scene at a small North Norfolk Festival she puts on to help raise funds last year. Seeing what she does and how passionate she clearly is about her charity the kids and the animals I wanted to make a contribution.

You can see what Pauline does in depth here:


As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog I’ve also been blown away by the support I’ve received not only in the money already raised but other support in the huge task of organising and logistics of the walk.

I want to say a huge thank you and let you know a little about the people who’ve got involved so far…

Margins and Glamping Holidays.


I was contacted by Gin and Mark who run Margins with an enthusiastic offer of help after a friend of theirs heard me on the Radio talking about my plan to do the walk. Its a new venture for them and after a chat and meet up it was clear we shared the same sense of adventure and I was really pleased they ‘got’ what I’m trying to achieve with this walk.

They instantly offered to support my North Norfolk stretch of the tour by kindly providing me with accommodation along the way. Not only this but sorting the sites I’ll be stopping at and their continued advice and help is amazing. thanks guys!

Find out more about Margins and maybe challenge yourself to taking on the beautiful North Norfolk Coastal path yourself. You’ll be in great hands with these folks.

Head here to see what they’re all about.

Deepdale Backpackers & Camping.


I also wanted to give a mention to Deepdale Camping & Backpackers in North Norfolk village Burnham Deepdale.

Chris Haycock in particular is someone I’ve know for many years now, when we met through (as so often is the case with me) through music. His passion for music is clear to anyone who meets him. He always gave my music huge support booking many time for the well know Clippesby Music Festivals and Beer Festivals. Thanks Chris!

Jason and Chris run this amazing forward thinking and positive campsite and walkers hostel. What makes them a little different? Jason and Chris run some amazing events at the site and one thing they’re really keen on is live music and supporting the wealth of East Anglian homegrown original music we have to offer.

Actually I’ll be playing at The Deepdale Hygge on March 25th the weekend event/festival running the weekend of the24th/25th Find out who’s playing the Hygge and what else is on offer here:

I’m hoping when I pass by and stop at Deepdale I’ll be playing a set there too.

Cicerone Press.

As you can imagine sorting out the logistics and the route for this endeavour has been an adventure for me having never tried to do anything quite like this!

Many an email was sent out asking for help. Cicerone Press publish many detailed walking guides so I thought it would be a good plan to contact them. They kindly donated the guide books for both the Norfolk and Suffolk coastal paths.
This made life significantly easier and I really must say thanks to Hannah for this kind donation.

Take a look here:


In the meantime I’ve been stepping out and getting the miles in. This week my favourite was a seven mile circular walk that took in the Ted Ellis Nature reserve and a section of The Wherrymans Way and River Yare on the edges of the Norfolk Broads. It was an overcast day but nonetheless a beautiful place to walk. The map for this walk can be found here.

Try the walk yourself if you fancy it there’s shorter walks too in the area all the information is here.

Over and out for now. Matt

Don’t forget you can sponsor Matt here at Just Giving.



One foot in front of the other.

One foot in front of the other.

So yet again this morning I struck out on a walk getting in the miles in readiness for my hundred mile charity coastline trek.
I thought I’d share a few of my thoughts and a describe why I love walking and a bit about my walk and what I encounter.

We live in a world of super fast broadband, twenty four hour news, Facebook, Twitter, Mobile technology and numerous TV and digital platforms and media to distract us. We travel in our little metal boxes removed just enough from the outside world that the sights and sounds are slightly diluted and our senses dulled. It becomes all too easy to forget the simplest of pleasures that lie just outside our front door. That childlike sense of wonder we all can recall of something so simple.

As I step outside the nearby thrum and crack of a Woodpecker echoes through the trees over the road. This reminds me of just the childlike wonder I’m talking about, another woodpecker taps a reply to the first, just outside my home a battle for territory ensues.

This is why I love walking so much, be it on my own or joined by furry companion Barney our terrier cross. No glass and metal between me and the air to numb my senses. A distinct scent drifts by in the breeze an earthy mixture of wet grass, trees and and a nearby spring bonfire.

The world seems different, slower, peaceful almost. The early morning rumble and whir of the work bound traffic just audible over the breeze from the main road a mile or so away even somehow seems serene. The world slows down. I imagine this is how our forefathers felt before the world and the inevitable march of technology sped things up to where we are now.

I set off from home. Home being set in a small village just six miles south east of Norwich but far enough it’s suitably rural, and lucky for me crisscrossed with quiet country lanes, footpaths and bridle paths. Norfolk may have a reputation for being a flat barren landscape but this just isn’t so. In particular here, although the arable fields do offset a large cinematic amount of sky, at a turn I find myself surrounded by woodland and drop into a shallow valley. This particular area is flanked by chalk hills, the spoils of soil and earth dumped here by the most southern reaching fingers of glaciers millennia ago.


The other thing travelling by foot you become more aware of is the places and sights you simply miss when whizzing by in your car. I pass a medieval barn I’d never noticed before, its gable end wall being restored with tall slits in the brick. I’m not sure why those slits are there. I like to imagine they were to fire arrows from in some kind of medieval skirmish between farmers and landowners, although I suspect this isn’t the case. Just a little further down the road I pass a small hamlet of cottages, one has a small allotment in the front garden and a pile of poles and other objects neatly stacked along the fence. I assume ready for some secondary re-cycling, maybe to construct structures for this years crop of runner beans.

I turn right down another small lane dropping down toward a small coppice of silver birch and deciduous trees as we drop down towards the River Chet sat in the lowest part of the valley. Skylarks hover overhead singing gleefully with a flutelike trill. Gulls circle overhead cackling away managing not to collide with one another and they seem somehow in the wrong place and reminds me it will be a sound I’ll become accustomed too when I’m on my coastal excursion.

Crossing the small river rushing under the small bridge I climb back up the shallow incline and turn down a small lane that becomes a small wood with a permissible byway where snowdrops nestle among the wooded ground cover clamouring the remotest glimpse of sunlight.
Soon the path opens up to a track crossing a marshy lowland meadows; I’m cutting past some farm buildings and old equipment that looks like they have had better days. It’s eerily quiet as I cross the empty farm courtyard with no one in sight just the dark dank aroma of manure.
I make my way down a short cinder path before again finding myself on a narrow lane crossing the small River Chet once more.
I start to climb up back out of the valley flanked by woodland, meadow and farmland on one side and a steep slope of woodland on the other. I quickly reach the top and pass the local Church that sits on top of the hill striking distance of being home once more.


The six miles have passed in just shy of two hours. The sun is now breaking through the thin mackerel cloud cover and blue sky greets me as I arrive back home.

This is why I love walking.

You can support me and my Endless Coastline walk and gig tour adventure by making a donation here:

New album and charity walk/tour The Endless Coastline Tour 2017


It’s been a while since my last blog post but I promise you I haven’t haven’t been idle.

Firstly my new album ‘The Endless Shipwreck’ is out now. It’s a record I’m really proud of and I had the pleasurenof working with legendary producer/mix engineer Mark Freegard. He’s produced many albums by acts such as Del Amitri and Justin Currie, Manic Street Preachers, Breeders, Marillion, Kris Drever and many more.

You can buy a copy (Download or CD) and hear some of the songs here: Bandcamp

There’s also a video diary you can see here: VIDEO DIARY  You can see clips off all the wonderful musicians who were involved with me including brass band the Vibe City Street Brass.

Also very much worth a mention is the amazing artwork by local artist and printer Vicki Johnson. Check her work out. I think you’ll agree it’s fantastic.

She also helped me screen print the T Shirts and Tote bags at Print To The People‘s studios here in Norwich also available from my band camp in the merch section.

Please if you haven’t already, go and give the record a listen.

colour album cover MED RES

We launched the gig at local venue The Sewell Barn theatre on January 28th to a fantastic audience. Also playing were my mates Falling From Trees and Yve Mary B.

The Endless Coastline Tour 2017.

I’m happy to announce I’m going to be doing something exciting and I hope, quite unique. And I’m hoping you’ll think so too!

I’ll be walking the Suffolk and Norfolk Coast Paths from May 21st through to June 4th 2017. Just over a hundred miles of the East Anglian coastline from Suffolk to North Norfolk. While walking this epic journey I am also planning to play a series of gigs along the hundred or so miles route.

I’m planning to raise money for the RNLI, Nelsons Journey and great North Norfolk charity A Change Of Scene For Children. Find out more about each by clicking on the names.

You can choose which charity you’d like to donate to or we’d love it if you gave a little to each.

Having just released my maritime themed new album “The Endless Shipwreck” I wanted to combine my passion for music alongside my passion for walking and the coastline and support charity while doing so.

The plan is to complete the walk and play a series of gigs along the route starting in Woodbridge Suffolk on May 21st with a gig at The Angel pub and ending in Hunstanton on the North Norfolk Coast. Over a hundred miles on foot.

I’ll be keeping you up to date through email and I’ll be sending on news of a blog and how to follow my progress next week.

You can support me on the walk and donate to one of or all three of the charities here:

Just Giving Page for The Endless Coastline Tour 2017



Debut album “Grounded’ now out

Grounded Front Sleeve Final 300dpi_edited-3

My crowd funded duet album “Grounded’ is finally officially released.

The comments and feedback on the album has been amazing I feel humbled and so happy how it’s been received just check out the quotes below.

You can download or buy physical copies here

“Timeless” Sue Marchant. (BBC Cambridgeshire)

“Grounded is characterised by a certain and rare kind of rawness and naturalness.” FATEA

“Grounded is well-crafted labour of love, perhaps taking inspiration from the Red Wedge school of music and politics, it’s a recording Watson can be proud, capturing social disillusionment whilst maintaining rebellious optimism” R2 Magazine 3*** Review

‘What a lovely song you gave Erica to work on. Love your vocals, sounding like you mean it Brother. You win x’
(Miles Hunt The Wonder Stuff)

‘For fans of Frank Turner, Decemberists and Ferocious Dog. This is a promising debut album from solo artist Matt Watson. I’m proud to feature on the title track, Grounded’ Erica Nockalls. (The Wonder Stuff, Proclaimers, Fink.)

‘Protest music in it’s finest tradition, hope,despair and rabble rousing, It’s all here!’ Ian Prowse (Amsterdam/Pele)

‘I finally had a chance to listen to British singer/songwriter Matt Watson’s ‘Grounded’ album. This Record is chock full of bold, straightforward lyrics and powerful lead vocals, acoustic guitars, banjos,percussion and beautiful violin provided by Erica Nockalls of The Wonder Stuff. Give it a listen” Michael Ferentino (Love In Reverse/The Miles Hunt Club)

Shash Bash @ The Bicycle Shop 18 March, with The Vagaband, Milly Hirst, Natalie Lake, Sefo Kanuteh, Jessica Alice, Matt Watson

Norwich: Music City, UK

A million Thank You’s to everybody involved in my favourite gig ever, at ‘Shash Bash’, all the performers: Jessica Alice, Matt Watson, Sefo Kanuteh, Natalie Lake, Milly Hirst, Jose, Tris and Dan from The Vagaband, Ian Hudson, The Bicycle Shop, and everybody who came along … in person or in spirit. It was very lovely and incredibly moving. I adored every moment of it and will treasure these memories forever 🙂

It was marvellous to hear Jess play again, and very inspiring, Matt played a great set with his usual enthusiasm, Sefo surprised everyone by arriving with his kora and playing an enchanting set of West African songs, Natalie Lake endeared herself to everyone with her humour, her songs and her beautiful voice. Milly Hirst, mesmerising as always with her absolutely beautiful words and songs. And a fantastic, laid back and relaxed set by a three piece Vagaband who indulged…

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Natalie Lake, Matt Watson, AKA, Sid James Infirmary

Lovely blog from a recent gig…

Norwich: Music City, UK

Natalie Lake, Matt Watson, AKA @ The Murderers Open mic, and The Sid James Infirmary at Take 5, Norwich, January 17-18, review and photos.

It is probably only two or three months since I heard Natalie Lake perform but it felt like so much longer, and I was missing hearing her voice very much. So for this reason, and also to catch Matt Watson again I headed to The Gardener’s Arms (known much better locally as The Murderers) in the hope that I could catch them and also Blood Bird again at The Birdcage.

Oddly enough the excellent Sound of Sight was down as appearing at both events but I sadly missed him on this occasion.

When I arrived it was just before the house musicians took to the stage playing a mix of numbers, the highlight of which, for me, was No Woman No Cry.

Soon after was the…

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Various Artists – Singles and EPs

Oliver Arditi

Without Kibou There Is Nothing Vol 1Various Artists – Without Kibou There Is Nothing (punk)

Kibou Records KIBOU003 2013, DD & 7” EP, 12m 1s

£4 7” (red and black vinyl inc. DD)

Twelve minutes is a respectable length for an EP, but with eight tunes on this disc they’re still pretty much crammed in, none of them clocking in closer to two minutes than one-and-a-half. If you think that makes this sound like a sampler, you’d be very wrong: although these bands clearly have much more to say than can be heard here, these eight songs are perfectly concise and self-contained distillations of energy, political rage, atavistic catharsis, humorous aural vandalism or whatever the appropriate term may be (and I’m sure it’s different for each song). What the eight bands collected on Without Kibou There Is Nothing have in common is an allegiance to the frantic and hair-raising end of the punk-rock spectrum; but…

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Jack Pout Album Party @ Take 5 Crypt, 30 August 2013

I was lucky enough toplay at this not so much gig, but celebration of the launch of Jack Pout and The Dirt Level’s album… This blog sums it up nicely…

Norwich: Music City, UK

Jack Pout & the Dirt Level album launch party at Take 5, Norwich, 30 August 2013

For a celebratory party to herald the release and launch of their first full length album on CD Jack Pout & the Dirt Level packed out the crypt downstairs at Take 5. “Party” is precisely the word, as party hats, streamers, balloons and even cake were in abundance, along with a rather joyous atmosphere.

matt watson and holly speight at jack pout album party

I’d been told that although a wonderfully lovely and atmospheric venue, the sound down here was not always perfect for live bands, and after some testing soundchecks for all acts, this is probably why Matt Watson decided to go fully acoustic with Holly Speight again accompanying on violin. It was like busking and for Matt with his strong, clear and assured voice it was probabaly the right decision as he can project very well. His audience was attentive and for…

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Grapevine @ Bedfords with The Mercurymen, Dove & Boweevil, Matt Watson 21 August 2013

Great Review of the Grapevine gig Wednesday night…

Norwich: Music City, UK

The Mercurymen, Dove and Boweevil, Matt Watson at Grapevine, 21 August 2013, review.

A rather enticing line-up for this month’s Grapevine, featuring the marvellous Dove & Boweevil, who after not seeing for a few months I am really appreciating, great artists playing with a clear love of the music. Also my friend Matt Watson, tonight accompanied by Holly Speight on violin, and a band I have not seen before – The Mercurymen. People I’d spoken to who had heard them seemed very impressed, and it is usually a safe bet to trust Steve’s judgement on such matters too.



Arriving just after 8pm as Dove and Boweevil were soundchecking, the place was already fairly full, and quite warm too. For anyone who has not been before, the Grapevine events take place upstairs in the beautiful old building of Bedfords, in Old Post Office Yard, just off Bedford Street and next door…

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